Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Parting shot

I stepped from my desk at work today to stretch my legs and get an analog weather report. Out on the front steps overlooking the college courtyard, I had an unobstructed view of the sky.

Dark clouds out of the south had swept through earlier peppering the cobblestone with rain, but the shower was a short one, and soon dappled sunlight glided across the bricks.

I stood out there long enough to eat an apple and think about life and what not.

On the grass, I could see yellow patches of pollen that had washed from the metal roof.  Thankfully it wasn't blowing in the wind. A few days ago, almost everyone I met was sneezing because of the powdery stuff.

I had a meeting this evening, but I headed home before eight. The sun was history, but the light was lingering in the west. When I passed a pond the view was good. Fortunately, no one was tailgating, so I slowed to a stop and snapped a couple pictures. It was almost too dark for the iPhone, but I did get a couple images.

Tomorrow, Jilda and I are off so we have a day to ourselves. Not sure what she is planning tomorrow, hopefully, it won't involve a lot of heavy lifting.

I hope you all have a great Wednesday.



  1. Nice photo, isn't it amazing how good photos are taken with a phone now days. I was sneezing a lot yesterday don't know why

  2. That's a very stylish photograph.

  3. Great catch. It is so good when no one is tail gating and you see "A great Shot". The dark reflections are good set off by that sky, glas you could stop.

  4. The possibilities I see in that picture are fascinating.

  5. Hope your day was a great one-very pretty imagery you describe


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