Friday, April 24, 2015

This time of year

Yesterday when I walked to the barn, I noticed the cottonwood trees were beginning to bloom. They, along with the persimmon trees, are the last to join the spring fashion show but when the cottonwood begins it does it right.  A swarm of sticky purple blooms that have a fragrance like grape bubblegum.

It’s warm enough now to write on the screen porch. Sometimes when I get stuck, one look at the chimes hula swaying and singing in the breeze gets me my creativity flowing.

Another benefit of beautiful weather is that people who’ve been cooped up all winter will take any opportunity to be outside. For example, today while working at Bevill State, I heard a commotion out in the courtyard. Stepping out to investigate, I saw a courtyard full of teachers and students. A moment later I realized it was the Bevill State Players doing the Macbeth. I stood for a long time in the noonday sun watching the actors perform for the lunchtime crowd. I was blown away by the level of commitment and talent these young folks displayed. I thought to myself, what a gift, to have the opportunity to lunch, enjoy the warm sun, and some culture.

This week kicks of the festival season, which is good news for singer/songwriters like Jilda and me. We’re playing every weekend in May.


  1. The warm temperatures and the colors of spring do make the ideas flow more easily.

  2. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL photo--enjoy your gigs!!

  3. The smell of those flowers sound so good. I love the brightness of this bloom

  4. Nice blossom, too bad they don't last longer.

  5. Sounds like a busy but good weekend ahead for the two of you ! Hope you enjoy your festival and all the ones ahead.

  6. Love the smell and color of Spring. I do like to run into festivals as we travel. We like a stop at an RV park and the manager asks, "Are you here for the festival?" I say, "We are now!"
    Many of them have been wonderful surprises.

  7. Spring is definitely a time when all sorts of ideas ripen.

  8. Hey, You two have a wonderful long month of music and fellowship! I also just love all the colors and fragrance of flowers and tree blossoms!
    Looking forward to this new season...

  9. I can't believe that May is almost here. I hope Mother Nature gets the memo and warms our temps up! Enjoy the festivals and sharing your music. Great fun! It seems like our festivals really get rocking in the fall. (Maybe because the snow is still falling?) Ha!

  10. Sounds like a lovely time of year


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