Saturday, April 25, 2015

Festival season begins

We rolled into Kosciusko, Mississippi this morning just before 10 under soot-grey skies. Rain had swept through last night taking the bad weather along.

We've played at unsheltered festivals under a brutal sun, and this could have been one of those, but the clouds kept it at bay.

The sound was very good and we had a decent crowd. We didn't sell any CDs or books, but so it goes. We don't judge gig by commerce. I thought we sounded good, so I consider it a success.

After the gig, we drove north on the Natchez Trace toward Tupelo. The Natchez Trace is a historic stretch of road stretching from Nashville down to southern Mississippi.  It's a National Park, and the stretch of road is beautiful, except for the few miles where the violent tornados of April 27, 2011 stripped leaves and bark off the trees.

About mid-way between Kosciusko and Tupelo, there is a place called Frenches Camp. We pulled into a log cabin restaurant for lunch. They serve soup and sandwiches. I ordered potato soup and a
sandwich called the Big Willie. The Big Willie is a BLT with 10 pieces of bacon. Obviously I couldn't eat a sandwich with a hog on it by myself, so I had the cook quarter the bovine banquet so that Jilda and her sister Pat's arteries could help carry the load. Everything was scrumptious.

There was a faster, more direct route home, but experience has taught me that Interstates are like smartphones. They're really convenient, but if you don't leave them behind now and then, you tend to miss a great deal.


  1. I gotta say I really like this one, your one line is the value of the read:
    "Interstates are like smartphones. They're really convenient, but if you don't leave them behind now and then, you tend to miss a great deal."

    Now, It must be fun as traveling entertainers. you mentioned the sun, we happened onto a County Fair in Rondout Valley,NY. B.J Thomas was singing in the Sun and Was wearing BLACK. He was sweating like a North Carolina Sow, but you would never have known he was uncomfortable, you entertainers, earn your applause. Glad you had a less HOT one. Yep, I liked the entry. .

  2. PS: I like your picture with that good looking young lady!

  3. Traveling the back roads can lead to some interesting finds. Unless I have to be somewhere in a hurry I try to travel those roads.

  4. I love that analogy between the Interstate and the Smartphone.

    Ms Soup

  5. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Great post--I found that sandwich mighty tasty!!

  6. I wish we had more time (rather, would make more time) to enjoy drives like yours on Natchez Trace. Frenches Camp sounds like a winner!

  7. thats a really nice picture

  8. It seems like you had a wonderful time and you decided to enjoy the day/weekend by taking a leisurely trip back home. Love it!

  9. Always best to take the more interesting route, rather than the fastest.

  10. I think stopping at smaller towns can be so wonderful often you will see things you would miss if you hadn't stopped

  11. A great picture of you two. I like the scenic route as opposed to the fast road.



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