Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Blue sky

If I were to tell you that today the sky was blue, you could close your eyes and conjure up a sky blue thought, but it was bluer than that.

Sitting at my computer tapping keys, I tried to think of a metaphor that wasn't moldy, or a simile that wasn't weary but none came to mind.

Sometimes I tweak pictures, but this one was a straight selfie taken with my iPhone when I stepped outside this morning to sip green tea and get a firsthand weather report. 

I sat at the picnic table for a long time with closed eyes letting the day wash over me like a warm shower after a tiresome day.....and it felt good to be alive.


  1. Ya, I well recall the blue, blue skies of Alabama. :) Thanks for the reminder to take time - however brief - to pause and just absorb.

  2. It's what in Oregon we'd call "Crater Lake" blue.

  3. Anonymous10:19 PM

    A beautiful blue!!

  4. That would be a nice color for a silk blouse. Maybe a cream colored suit would go well with it. I like it.

  5. That is a brilliant blue!

  6. Rick the sky is so blue I think I can see your halo above your head in the photo. It looks like a perfect Tardis Blue like one of my Dr Who fan blogger friend would call it.

  7. I do love blue skies most because it means sunshine ! Blue skies and sunshine do make you thankful to be alive.

  8. ++You sure didn't miss the color, It B Blue, Not Carolina Blue, but much deeper. (smile) Good one!


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