Thursday, April 30, 2015

Night time sky

Birmingham has grown these last few years. The metropolitan area is now over a million people and city lights pervade the skies of surrounding communities for miles, but we live far enough to the north and west and the miles consume the illumination, so it's dark here at night.

On cloudless nights when the moon is new, the sky looks like blue velvet with a field of diamonds scattered as far as the eye can see. 

But tonight when I stepped out on the deck to get a feel for the weather, the 3/4 moon was as bright as a halogen lamp. The moon will be full on our anniversary early next week.

I hope you have a great Friday.


  1. I remember dark skies and stars. Don't see them much in my neck of New Jersey.

  2. The sky is one of the many things I am thankful for since I moved back to a rural area from the city. The night sky with stars, the sky in the day with the fluffy clouds and no haze of pollution, the quiet in which I can hear birds, animal, and insects, and best of all no cars driving by constantly.

  3. First, that picture is a Keeper, for sure. I like the setting and all.
    I read a head line a few weeks ago, "Something common that 70% of Americans will never see."
    It was a star lit sky. I was shocked, until I realized the folks in the cities can seldom, except in a power failure, actually see the sky. It is sort of a privilege to be out far enough to see the sky. I loved it backpacking the AT, skies as you described. Wonderful.

  4. Anonymous12:22 AM

    This city girl wants to know, what are stars?

  5. Now it doesn't get any more country than this. Nice photo.
    I love laying on the swing on the deck and watch the sky at night when it gets warmer. I remove the canape. The night sky is amazing and I can even see satellites going in opposite direction with airplanes in the mix as we live near the airport. I love the sky by day or by night. A great canvas.

  6. I thought I was looking at an album cover! I love the beautiful night sky and your poetic writing captured it wonderfully-Have a great weekend

  7. I just love this picture.


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