Thursday, April 16, 2015

Folk Art

I love yard art. You see some incredible things in people's yards. Last year when we traveled to South Alabama, we dropped off Interstate 59/20 below Tuscaloosa and traveled southward toward Eutaw and Demopolis. The Black Warrior River is deep and wide there. It's mostly farms and fields with little in between. Every now and then we passed old plantations style homes with white columns as big around as redwoods.

On one stretch of highway, we saw fields of yard art constructed of wood and scraps of metal. Some of it was art puns, but some it was stunning.

For years, people traveled through the south bearing witness to roadside folk art. Some thought it was only interesting junk, but fortunately others realized its significance.  Thornton Dial and Mose Tolliver, as well as other artists, had pieces shown in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

I'm not suggesting that our bottle tree is of that caliber, but I do know that in spring and summer when the sun sits low in the west, the bottle tree in our back yard that Jilda made is beautiful.


  1. Your very own garden sculpture - I'm sure it is lovely on a sunny day.

    Ms Soup

  2. A great way to display some pretty bottles.

  3. I have heard of bottle trees, but had never seen one before. It would be nice with the sun shining a stained glass window.

  4. Your handmade flower tree with different colours

  5. Seems until I was in my teens, mama had a 'jar tree' that canning jars were hung on for some reason. I like the bottle trees with colored bottles, each one reminds me of my youth. I am enjoying the thoughts of youth more in my down-hill years.

    I really do like to visit here, because 'life101' is real. Smiling is my favorite past time now. I always seem t have one at this site.

  6. I also have a good time just taking a drive and looking to see what I can see. Often I find an ingenious piece from someone's inventive mind. I vow to go home and make one myself and seldom follow through.

  7. Nice and different I would love to be able to just take a drive and go wherever the road takes me but alas I can't

  8. Very very pretty! Really love it!


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