Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Trouble with the muse

My muse was on holiday today as the deadline for this week's column zipped toward me at the speed of failure. I started, stopped, cussed, started, stopped, cussed, and so on.

I'm frequently approached by writers who aspire to write columns for a publication, asking what it's like. I tell them I love the work, but the deadlines are like weekly cutoff notices from the power company. Mr. Watson, we hate to inform you, but unless you pay us a zillion dollars worth of your blood sweat and tears by 5 p.m. on Wednesday we'll not only turn off your power, and rip out your meter but we'll also send Guido to your house to grind your brain up and sell if for Vienna sausage. Guido will also kick your dog just for good measure.

Sooooooo, after I'd tapped the letters off my keyboard, I rounded up Jilda and the dog to go for a long walk.  A gentle breeze out of the west made the oak and hickory leaves do a little hula dance, and the sun warmed my face. It felt good to be alive, and I wondered why I'd been so stressed....I had plenty of time before my deadline.

Once back in the house, I grabbed the laptop and headed to the screen porch. After watching the silhouette of a moth inch up the screen, an idea came to me as suddenly as a sneeze. Within 30 minutes, I'd printed the column for Jilda to proof.


  1. That deadline thing would make me completely freeze up.

  2. There is a charm to this post that makes me happy for you and sorry for Guido. My compliments to you and Jilda.

  3. My wife's computer is dead in the water, I cannot get it to connect to FB I mena the internet. LOL. I have tried all my limited knowledge. NADA

    So I like this one tonight, maybe a good night's sleep and a visit to my doctor tomorrow will clear things up for me. I am not a fan of dead lines. You seem to have the FIX, that is great.

  4. And so you live to meet the next deadline.


    Ms Soup

  5. I have heard that a nice walk will make us more creative. Just stepping away for a while is sometimes the best thing we can do. Glad you got your muse back.

  6. It goes to prove that walking is good for the brain as well as your whole body. I'm looking forward to reading your Sunday Column. The muse usually goes for a walk and to get it back you got to go fetch her back. hehe.


  7. This is my third attempt at "publishing" a comment. Just can't seem to jump through the right hoops. Anywho , I know your pain. As someone once said, success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration, or something like that. Keep pounding bro. You're good at it.

  8. While I've never had a deadline when it came to writing, I had many a deadline when I was a professional illustrator. I remember one time when a magazine called to say their cover photo hadn't come through and they needed me to create something---in two hours. I went to my photo files and created a collage that they were very happy with.

  9. You can always write about me washing out your mouth with soap. Cussing? Shame.


  10. I don't like pressure of any kind. We're so hard on ourselves, aren't we? Your comical thoughts about it make me smile! We all need to "Just Breathe."

    Have a nice day,

  11. In my fantasy world, creativity is on it's own timeline. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way...

  12. Often you just need to remove yourself from the situation for a refresh of the brain. When you return things seem to fall into place naturally.

  13. Some times a nice walk with good company is all we need to get the stress out of our system.
    Good that you are back to writing.
    I am sure you give great advise to people who look up to you.


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