Wednesday, April 01, 2015

The show continues

We started moving the citrus and tropical plants outside to the deck today. The forecast for the next few weeks is showing a warming trend with no frost in sight.

The plants haven't wintered well, so we decided today was a good day to give them some fresh air.

The pear tree began blooming earlier in the week, but this morning when the fog burned off and the sun rose above the trees, the remaining buds couldn't take the pressure.

On the last lap, I stopped by the back gate and snapped this picture of the pear blossom.

I spent several hours on the screen porch writing my column for Sunday's paper. It felt good being back in my "open air" office.   I'll be writing out there until August turns the air hotter than satan's burned biscuits.

I hope you all have a remarkable Thursday.


  1. Beautiful pic! I can't wait until we have some blooming things...anything will be great! Enjoy your son is loving his trip to Alabama and all the things to do there!

  2. For some reason, that picture has a relaxing effect. Feel good. We are alos enjoying spring. Glad you can have an open air office. I bet it smells great.
    Take care and love to the sweet lady.

  3. Oh this is a beautiful picture and it is so nice to feel the warmth. We will have that tomorrow (15C) but rain---It is April. I like your "Satan's burned biscuits" wording:)

  4. I can almost smell those blooms. Mmmmmm

  5. Anonymous11:31 PM

    We have a flowering pear tree on our front porch. The blossoms are lovely & when they fall, it looks like it's been snowing here!!

  6. Loved seeing the pear blossoms. They are beautiful. I had to chuckle over your statement about August. I've never heard of hot weather described like that before. Ha ! Enjoy your time on the porch.

  7. What a breathtaking beautiful photo of pear blossoms. Enjoy your Spring weather and your open air office.


  8. I can almost smell those blossoms.

  9. Olá Rick!
    Só essa belíssima foto é suficiente. Nem precisa legenda. Feliz Primavera e Boa Páscoa!

    VitorNani & Hang Gliding Paradise


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