Friday, April 03, 2015

Blooming Scale

If you were to construct a blooming scale of the trees here, golden bells and buttercups would be at one end of the graph and persimmon would be at the other end along with the
Cottonwood growing out of the barn foundation
cottonwood. The rest of the trees and flowers fall somewhere in between.

Almost everything in our yard has been in bloom for over a week and the cottonwood looks as dead as a stump.

Late in April, the cottonwood leaves will begin to pop out  tentatively and afterward, sticky purple blossoms pop out filling the air with an aroma that's sweet as grape Kool-Aid.

The weather today was remarkable, with blue skies and white clouds whisking across the sky like a feather duster.

But time has taught me that it was a little too warm for this time of year.

Tonight a cold front is dipping down causing tornado warnings to the north of us. I'm hoping the wind stays aloft.

Did I mention that the dogwoods are also blooming now? This one is the massive tree in our front yard.



  1. We art just now starting to see bits of green in NJ.

  2. The beauty of the flowers and the smells of the season are what I look forward to.

  3. I ike the information, even need the education. Just wish I could maintain or hold it. (smile) I do love the blooms of spring. But I do love the Barn.
    The Dogwood is probably the most inersting of flowers to me. I have no idea why I love them so, but I do. They just attract me.

  4. Your yard looks so peaceful!

  5. Anonymous1:31 AM

    The barn has an ethereal quality!!

  6. We here are still waiting to see something blossom. We are to be a little warmer so just maybe it won't be long now. The pictures are all beautiful.

  7. Isn't it wonderful to see life coming back-it really is magical

  8. Dogwoods are one of my favorites. Happy Easter.

  9. It is lovely when things are all in bloom


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