Friday, April 17, 2015

Good luck

Have you ever dreamed you were awake but when you woke up, you were asleep? Neither have I but it's an interesting question.

Sometimes the combination of lenses and films on the Hipstamatic app on my phone takes some pictures that are hard to duplicate in any other way. How does it do that? Again, an interesting question and I'm sure there are tech geeks somewhere that would snicker and say, "Simple Dude, you just invert  the algorithm, negate the alpha streams and then saturate the flux capacitor with vector-based noise."

So where am I going with this post? You guessed it. That's an interesting question and if any of you have the slightest clue please private message me with the gamma channel via the onboard carbon induction tube.

This update will automatically self-destruct when you finish reading it.

Good luck and godspeed.


  1. I am either bamboozled, or I dreamed I read this post.

  2. How could it tell when I finished reading it? Right as I read the last word with the nice little period at the end of the sentence POOF... it was gone! How did you do that?

  3. It looks like I would have a hard time getting on that bike just like I would have a hard time diffusing all the dreamlike lingo. I am clueless but it looks dreamlike alright.

    I once dream that I was awake but upon getting out of bed after going to the bathroom in my dream, my bladder was still full so I know I I has gone to the bathroom in dream only.

    My daughter once woke up screaming saying that there was a mouse on her pillow and that she wasn't dreaming.... Nothing I said could persuade her that we had no mice in the house.
    We never found traces of a mouse but to this day she still think it was a real mouse on her pillow.

    I'd say enlarge this photo and frame it. It a great piece of art...

  4. All I know is when I'm dreaming about waterfalls, it's time to wake up and run to the bathroom.

  5. Anonymous11:41 AM

    I had a bike that looked like that--I rode it through the Twilight Zone!!

  6. Wow that is how I saw a bike once after a few vodkas:) Am I dreaming? You had me at flux capacitor:)

  7. Things were so much easier then. I had a blue Schwinn, and I nearly wore it out.

  8. I have had dreams in which I was dreaming does that count

  9. It's probably just a driver induced phase link in the whatchamacallit that is shorted out. (SMILE)

    I do like the picture though!!! (Neat entry!) Is there some BS (Butcher of Science)embedded here?


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