Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Another beautiful autumn day

Today was another stellar autumn day here. Fetching a fresh cup of coffee from a gurgling pot, I got to work and fielded some calls. The session scheduled later in the day at the Hamilton Campus didn't have many signed up and I'd hoped to get a few more to come.

When I finished, I stepped outside to dump the dregs of my coffee in the flowerbed. In the courtyard, a student and teacher were running lines from Shakespeare's Hamlet.  I sat on the sun-warmed bricks at the edge of the flowerbed to watch for a moment. A slow breeze out of the west felt cool on my skin. I think had I leaned back against the wall, I could have napped.

A maple growing in the courtyard is turning and looked stunning. I snapped a picture of where leaves met the blue sky. I downloaded a new filter for my Hipstamatic app called Shanghai and that's what I used. You can tell by the picture  where it got its name because it looks like one of those beautiful Chinese watercolors.

When I went back inside, I began packing for my long drive northwestward toward Tupelo, Mississippi.

When it came time for the session, only one person showed up so I did away with the overheads and loaded the presentation on my laptop. We sat together at a desk and I did my little song and dance. I could not have done it better had there been 40 people there.

On the long drive home, I had another photo op when I saw fuzzy weeds by the Interstate.  I'd pulled over to stretch my legs and snapped a few frames.

Some days don't turn out like you plan, but too much planning can cause you to miss things you would never have seen.


  1. That's a pretty cool filter...

    I'm reading a novel right now where one of the characters gave up her fight against weeds in the garden and turned it over to the weeds, I'm sure she would have welcomed the ones in your photo.

    Ms Soup

  2. Your photo looks kind of dreamy. There's always lots of stuff to discover when one stop and look.
    I admire that you didn't cancelled the class because only one showed up. The right person was there and will benefit from what you had to teach.


  3. I enjoy you photographic experimentations.

  4. I admire your attitude. Glad you can appreciate the moments. I always say that every day may not be a good one, but there is something good to be found in each day. We just need to look for it.

  5. One on one is good teaching, tough because you must face the questions and explainations head on with no distraction. I have always contended the great speaker or teacher delivers to one, as enthusiastically as to hundreds.
    Love the pictures..

  6. Expectations be gone!
    Thanks for this sweet example.

  7. Anonymous2:26 PM

    The Chinese effect on that maple is lovely!!

  8. "To be or not to be"... it is not even a consideration in the autumn. This is definitely a time to be.

  9. Nice photos just saying, it is a lovely somewhat wet, somewhat warm, somewhat cool type of day outside my home

  10. It's a shame only one person showed up but at least that person got a true one on one and it sounds like it was a success. Love the pictures and that tree with the blue is beautiful


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