Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Starkly beautiful moment

This afternoon when I checked my fitness tracker I'd walked over 9,000 steps. My goal is 10,000 a day. I fell short Monday and Tuesday because of work related travel, but I made up my mind to make it happen today. 

As I slid on my walking shoes, Jilda decided to walk with me. She'd already walked 12,000 steps, but a few more never hurt.

The setting sun was playing peek-a-boo through the trees. I snapped a quick picture of a young hickory with amber leaves that the sun chose to shine on. It was a starkly beautiful moment.


  1. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Great colors!!

  2. In mythology, Zeus impregnated Danae by coming to her in a shower of golden light. Your picture reminded me of this.

  3. Great picture and I commend you and Jilda for walking. I wish I could do this every day. Enjoy those moments

  4. Moments like that just take my breath away !

  5. In our walk yesterday about 3500 steps, Sherry says, why can't we do this in NC? We have too many distractions.
    We do admire yo guys. I figure about 2000 steps per mile, Sherry has to stretch her step a little. We have to hand it to you guys for the stciktoitiveness. That Jilda is a go getter. I do love the color and description of the shot!

    Down here we are going to shoot for about 6000 steps in the AM and 6000 in the evening.
    But even in Florida we have our distractions. (sigh)

  6. I never count my steps but maybe I should.
    Love the photo of the sun peeking through every available little space available.
    Have a great day.


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