Sunday, October 04, 2015

Flag burning

The clouds cleared just after lunch today and the sun felt warm on my back as I did long neglected chores.

Soon I was pushing my long sleeves up above my elbows and fanning the tail of my shirt to disperse the heat building on my body.

After finishing, I sat on the lounge chairs for a long while with my eyes closed. A silent jet streaked across the sky to the south dragging the sound behind it. I wondered where someone would be going early on Sunday morning.

Jilda and I shoe'd up to take our morning walk when my niece Samantha and her son Jordan  (the kid) came over from next door to play in the garden.

Jordan is into challenges. Even when he doesn't want to walk, I can convince him by challenging him to a race.  We raced, power walked, hopped, skipped and jumped at imaginary finish lines.

Before long, I was close to my daily goal of 10,000 steps.

This evening I stepped outside to put water in the bird feeders for the deer that come in the night to drink.

When I turned to go in, I noticed the setting sun made the autumn flag look as if it were on fire.

This evening I'm bushed. I'm guessing it will be an early night.

Y'all have a great week.


  1. As long as it wasn't "Old Glory"

  2. WOW, you did get the color with that catch.
    Jordan will always remember his Uncle Rick. He will be telling stories for many years to come. He is one lucky kid. 4- 5 miles is a good days hike!! whether hopping or skipping.... LOL

  3. Ya, you had me going with that header!
    Pausing to embrace the ordinary .... perhaps I, too, might learn from Life 101 and catch an extraordinary moment.

  4. Have a wonderful Fall evening, Rick!

  5. Congratultions on getting in 10,000 steps per day... I aim for that many too... any extra is a bonus for me ;-)

  6. Soon you'll have hot chocolate on the porch with Jilda!

  7. You had be going with your tittle.

  8. You put in a full day before lunch. Whew! I'm exhausted just reading about it. Bedtime!

  9. Have a wonderful evening

  10. Have a wonderful evening

  11. I rarely get in 5000 steps a day so you did good. That flag is aglow for sure. I love the fall colors everywhere this time of year.

  12. What a pretty flag shot! I'm sure you were tired last night...I'm wondering how you feel today after all those challenges!

  13. Dear Rick, you write so well. I can see people, place, things because you choose such fine details, use such descriptive verbs, and craft such thought provoking sentences. For example, "A silent jet streaked across the sky to the south dragging the sound behind it." Quite wonderful. It's good to be reading your blog again. Peace.

  14. I have not been able to get up to 10,000 steps but I have improved my step count most days it is around 7,000 I go for a walk each morning and that chalks up 4,400 steps


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