Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fun day

I'm not sure what the final count and amount was, but we had a house full of folks this afternoon. There were an even dozen kids. They ranged from five to 15.

We set up a croquet set, a badminton set, bocce ball set, along with several lawn games. The kids played with those things briefly, but in the end, they played freeze tag and blew bubbles until it got too dark.

When they came inside they landed on the food like locusts and  then the younger kids went to the screen porch. The things they played with were wooden blocks, Play-Doh, and they painted with watercolor. Obviously, the four older kids went outside to talk among themselves. I would love to have been a fly on the wall.

Playing host and hostess to that many people can be grueling. After they all left and as we cleaned the kitchen, I asked Jilda if she'd thought to take a picture of all the kids. She snorted with laughter. I know you don't believe this, but I didn't take one either.

I did snap a photo earlier in the day of the sunflower arrangement on our dining room table with my new Hipstamatic app. I'm learning that getting good pictures with it are hit and miss.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day to me. Sunflowers are always beautiful no matter what app you use.

  2. Taking picture while hosting a big crowd is nearly impossible so maybe next time you have the gang over, assign someone to take pictures so there will be a record of it. Some might even take a video of the event.

    Have a restful day.

  3. Your photograph has a very poetic look to it.

  4. This is a restful picture which seems the opposite to your day. Glad you enjoyed it though

  5. I like the 'different' effects in the shot. But most of all my thoughts go to that of a child, I want to come to your house for a cook out! The kids will NEVER for get you guys. Remember in service you were only allowed 'emergency leave' for immediate family. My uncle Irvin was like I picture you guys, when he died I requested emergency leave, the first shirt said, he ain't immediate family, I argued YES HE IS! I got it. We laughed later, I was too young to understand the strict 'rules', I am sure it was a good joke at the Company Office. LOL You guys are leaving some big foot prints. Good for you.

  6. Anonymous1:43 PM

    The picture is obviously a hit--as was everybody's day!!

  7. I'm with Jack about coming over to YOUR house! :)
    I suspect these are the sort of times that one stores carefully in their minds, to share with their own little ones someday. That's the Real Stuff.

  8. Don't you just love a house full of kids? I love the nose and chaos they bring with them. And the pure joy of living. It is contagious.


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