Sunday, October 18, 2015

Writing porch

Years ago when we built a screen porch on the side of our house, we imagined we'd spend mornings there drinking coffee, and Saturday afternoons there entertaining friends and neighbors.

I crawled through a stifling attic in August running thick speaker cables hooked to expensive outdoor
speakers so that we could listen to music from our stereo in the living room.

We have entertained a few friends out on the porch, but as many of you know, party people tend to congregate in the kitchen near the food, and beer. Few venture out on the peaceful porch.

But the porch wasn't wasted  sweat and money. We have a fountain on a decorative concrete patio. I poured the stones from decorative moulds. On quiet mornings, the gurgling fountain adds a nice backdrop to the sound of chirping birds, and squirrels digging for water oak acorns next to the porch.

Through the years, we've added furniture and objects d'art. We still drink our morning coffee out there, especially in spring and summer, but most of the newspaper columns I write spring to life on that porch.

Today as I brainstormed ideas for next Sunday's column, I glanced up on the wall at a piece of yard art one of Jilda's friends gave her as a birthday gift a few years ago.

The light from the west was perfect on the face of the sun so I paused long enough to snap a photo with my phone.

I love that porch. And even though it didn't turn out the way we thought, it's my favorite writing place. I think everyone needs a writing porch.


  1. I love sitting on our deck but would love it if it were screened in because of the bugs in the Summer months! Of course Winter it's too cold here to enjoy even a screened in area but it's my goal to have a screened in place one day. I think it must give you good inspiration because I enjoy all those wonderful columns! I love the pic....and I loved the bird shot on your previous post. Enjoy all the time you can out there and let the guests think they have the best spot in the kitchen!

  2. I love a nice porch.

  3. Sitting on the porch brings a peace that not many other places have. You are at home yet out in the natural world. You are comfortable in yet rustic. A good rocker or glider adds to the pleasure.

  4. I think every author/blogger/essayist needs a Place where their muse feels welcome. Your porch sounds divine, Rick.

  5. The light on the sun's face is good. If you have coffee out on the porch, it ain't wasted, that is for sure. (Yeah I cna sympathize dragging the wire! ;-)..

  6. I'd love to have a writing porch. I currently write in a downstairs room that doesn't have any windows. The one advantage is there aren't any visual distractions.

  7. Anonymous9:45 PM

    I envy you your porch--& the beautiful view you get from there!!

  8. I want a screen porch too with a glider swing where I can enjoy coffee in the morning and daydream a little and in the evening, sip on a glass of red wine. And while I'm at it, I want one of those moon and sun plaque like Jilda got for her birthday. I have a birthday coming up soon. hehe.

    Have a good writing week.

  9. I love porches and think that porch sitting is a way of life. I don't do much writing out on mine but do a lot of reading. Glad you have one to enjoy and that is inspirational too.

  10. I love this picture with the light hitting the sun and the moon smiling. I you play the music when sitting out there or do you just enjoy the silence except for nature?

  11. I love my porch and we spend a lot of time out on ours too.

  12. Sounds like a lovely place to sit and think.. and create.

  13. Oh Great, Now Hubby has to build me a porch? Well the kitchen table will have to work till winter comes and goes once again... LOL
    Really, as a child we sat on our porches everyday except in the very cold parts of winter!
    Blessings, Roxy

  14. I would love to have such a porch but I don't


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