Friday, October 16, 2015

Lucky shoe

There was a lucky horseshoe that hung over the door of our old barn for as long as I remember. Then several years ago when we renovated, some of the rotted wood had to be torn away and replaced. I took the horseshoe down and put it in a safe place where it wouldn't get lost.

After finishing the repairs, it took some time for the paint to dry. About a week later when I went back to put the finishing touches on the barn, I couldn't find the horseshoe. Eventually, I gave up and forgot about the old lucky charm.

Today I needed a bolt for the tiller so I stepped down to the barn where I keep a bucket of bolts, nuts, and fittings that I inherited from Jilda's dad Sharky who collected hardware as a past time.

Rattling through the five-gallon bucket of bolts, I found the lucky horseshoe. I would have put it up on the spot, but I didn't have the hammer with me. Hung the metal shoe on the door handle so that I wouldn't misplace it again. Tomorrow morning, I'll go down and nail that baby up.

Here's an old pre-remodeling picture I came across to go with this post.


  1. I thought you were supposed to hang the horseshoe pointing up so the luck doesn't drain out. But what do I know.

    1. That's what I thought too,so I had to Google it:

      According to this superstition, the ends-pointing-down display simply means that the good luck is able to flow out and surround the home. If the horseshoe is hung over a doorway, ends up will catch good luck and ends down will let the good luck spill over the door and stop evil from entering.

  2. I thought perhaps from the title that you put a shoe on the foot you showed yesterday.

  3. I'm with Stephen on how to properly hang the horse shoe for good luck. Consider it very lucky you didn't hung it like it was before as it means bad luck. There must have been a reason it was misplaced all these years.

    Truth be known, I'm not superstitious but just saying.
    Have a lucky weekend.

  4. WOW, one of my favorite things. I have saw them hung both ways. But there is no way to hang an old horseshoe WRONG. I love the symbol. Nothing sets off a barn better than an old horse shoe. Glad you found it. (I bet that old wood did soak up some paint!!!)
    Now the picture, that is ART!

  5. Anonymous1:49 PM

    What do you suppose would happen if you hung it sideways?

  6. I'm so glad you found it! With all that luck you should go and buy a lottery ticket! Just make sure you stand under the horseshoe with the ends pointing down so all the "luck" spills on you while you scratch off the ticket! Love the photo.. very artsy.

  7. Daddy used to sing a snippet of a song, "Down in ole Kentucky with a horseshoe lucky..." I never remember him singing the whole song, just that little snippet.
    It's nice to find something that has been misplaced.


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