Thursday, October 01, 2015


I didn't plant okra this year, but this little plant volunteered to come up. It was doing so good until the deer discovered it and ate all the leaves. 

I'd written it off as you can tell by the grass growing around the base of it. But when I started for my walk this evening, I noticed a flower the color of butter off the edge of the garden.  When I stepped down to investigate, I saw an okra bloom and a few bottom leaves defiantly reaching for the sky.

Mother Nature is an interesting bird. I'm always fretting about what I can do to keep the plants in my care alive. But as it turns out, Mother Nature is way ahead of me. Most living things are programmed to survive.


  1. Anonymous9:32 PM

    I wish I had the same survival skills as the okra--I think I'm a victim of planned obsolescence!!

  2. The will to survive is strong in all living things.

  3. My kinda plant, tough. =The okra bloom is a very pretty bloom, an nice short term flower. Yeah, mother nature is cool!
    good entry... I like that

  4. I guess those plants (or animals) not programmed to survive aren't around any more. Have a great weekend.


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