Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sumac sunset

My walk came later today than normal. I'd run by the local pharmacy to get my annual flu shot but when they keyed in my info, the message said - "Not Approved."

They said no problem they'd file it another way. It's easy to grow impatient waiting for the rusty gears of the system to turn, but I sat to the side and waited. Some of the techniques picked up in my recent online meditation course came in handy.

Instead of getting all stompy-footy (is that a word?) and huff up a lung, I sat there and breathed. I knew my walking daylight was waning, but worse things could be happening to me. That became clear to me a few moments later.

An elderly lady who was obviously sick took a seat nearby while one of her grandkids (I'm guessing) stood at the counter and handled the transaction. She was shadow thin with dark circles under her eyes. It's hard to know her story, but I'm certain these last few months were not kind to her. She sat there uncomplaining as her gears began to turn.

The clerks behind the counter were scurrying about trying to work out the kinks in my issue, but rather than have them frazzled I told them I'd call the insurance company and work out the problem.

I said a silent prayer for my sick chair-buddy and headed home.

Once home, I grabbed my spider stick and headed out for a short walk before darkness fell.

At on point down close to the barn the sun, in a last-ditch effort, threw spears of light through the undergrowth and in those few moments, created a sumac sunset.


  1. I've learned that there is very little to be frazzled about these days and am thankful for what I have as there are many that have it much worse. Your attitude is a good one. Enjoy the beauty in each day. I haven't got my flu shot yet, but it is time and it's free.

  2. I always find a gem here. Loved the 'spears of light' and of course 'stompy-footy' is a good word, mama used it, and she only went tot he 7th grade.

  3. The sumac has great fall color! I don't have much patience for systems that don't work correctly; I'm sure it's ineptitude at some point along the line--ineptitude where someone was being paid to do the right job. But you're right. It doesn't really pay to get all stompy-footy because usually you interface with people who are working very hard to do the job right and the ineptitude is insulated from direct feedback. It's the bane of complex systems. On the other hand, all the complexities required to make a red sumac leaf bask in one final shaft of evening sun are astounding, and yet it is such a simple pleasure to enjoy it.

  4. No point getting upset about this sort of thing because it will raise your blood pressure and you'll require more medication.

  5. By not allowing yourself to become annoyed you were rewarded with your sumac sunset. Most things can be postponed for a few minutes. Your serenity is so much more important.

  6. I suspect insurance companies could make St. Peter himself go 'stompy-footy.' Only this morning Tom had to have his quarterly consult postponed indefinitely because our insurance carrier denied his usual scan ... something about all new codes.
    Your decision to take the high road is enviable!

  7. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Beautiful photo, as usual!!

  8. Thankfully, I just show my health card and can get the needle done at our local drug store instead of the walk-in clinic or my Dr. and it's free. That is so nice for you to give a prayer to this lady who has seen so much in her life

  9. The way you weave a story always brings me to different places. Thanks for the sumac and sun.


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