Tuesday, October 27, 2015


 The earth was toast dry earlier this week because we haven't had rain for months. Jilda and I did a little rain dance when we saw the Hurricane Patricia approaching Mexico from the west. We felt bad about encouraging the storm as it grew in strength to become the strongest hurricane in history.

Patricia at one point had sustained winds equivalent to an F5 tornado. We've had our share of those here in Alabama.  We know from experience that they can rip up pavement and hurl 2x4 through the trunks of pine trees.

But once the storm made landfall it weakened dramatically. It dumped several feet of rain on Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisana as the clouds moved eastward.

At one point, it looked as if the clouds would veer northward leaving us without a drop but the strength of the system had its way with our stubborn high-pressure system and the rain began to fall.
Slowly at first, but I woke up Monday morning to the rattling sound of rain on the metal roof.

It's been raining on and off since then. Even now as I write these words, I can hear the wind in the pine outside my window and then rain will rake the roof.

When I walked through the garden earlier today, my shoes squished through the soggy earth in places. I could almost hear the autumn leaves rejoicing.


  1. Rain is good when it comes without the nasty wind.

  2. I love the sound of rain on the roof. It makes me want to curl up with a good book and a cup of tomato soup.

  3. They say even we here in Ohio are feeling the remnants of Hurricane Patricia. We may get some wind gusts to but nothing like a tornado at all. Thankfully our gusts will be more like 35mph. It has been raining most the night and will be raining most the day they say.

  4. We'll be getting some of that rain here on Thursday and warmer temperature coming from the south. Our ground is moist from big rain we had earlier but we can't complain.
    There's still some winterizing to be done around the farm before we can rest.

    Have a productive day.

  5. Before we left NC this year, with my new 'hearing' I was able to hear rain on our sheds metal roof taking me way back to my youth. Now we too are getting rain here in Florida. However, Sherry just discovered a LEAK in our rolling home. Gotta get to work. Water can find that hole or crack sooner than anything. I enjoyed the beautiful picture

  6. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Wet blessings upon you!!

  7. We are having an all day rain in Ontario today (well southern Ontario). No major winds yet. One always needs a good rain. I love that picture-the leaves look 3D

  8. Glad you're getting that much needed rain. It's raining today in Portland, and cold. I'm dreaming about the tropics.

  9. Hey, We awoke to our 1st frost of the season, so it was a bit chilly. We only received a very steady rain for two days and off it went. But the mountains have gotten pounded, the Twin Peaks are covered. Our men leave for the Elk hunting, so we pray for success. The Elk meat will only cost us $400.00 dollars a pound after all the cost and time and energy. That always cracks me up!
    Life is rolling down the tracks and we are enjoying the scenery and all it's twist and curves.

  10. Rain on tin roof? Oh, I remember the sound.


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