Thursday, October 22, 2015

Something unexpected

I had an unencumbered afternoon so I decided to spend it trout fishing. A quick call to the lake-level phone number confirmed my decision when the automated voice (I'm pretty sure she wasn't a trout fisherwoman) reported that no turbines were releasing water.

That was good news because  turbines release  thousands of gallons of water per minute. If you're downstream when they turn those babies on you better get out quickly or know how to swim.

But when the turbines aren't running, fly fisherfolk can wade halfway across the river casting weightless flies into eddies hoping to trick a trout into biting what is essentially feathers, thread, and steel barbless hooks. All these things drifted across my mind as I drove to the fishing spot.

I decided to stop by the fly shop to get the scoop on what the trout were hitting. Once inside, my old friend Randy said, "I hope you weren't planning to fish." I looked a little confused. When I told him the recording said the power company wasn't releasing any water, he said, "Well, they are."

I could have gotten all snarkyfied (is that a word?), but could have taken that and $4.85 and bought a Starbuck Mocha coffee drink...if there had been a Starbuck within 50 miles.  But I digress.

I sat around the fly shop with a couple other fishermen and talked fishing.

As the sun began to set, I said my goodbye's and headed out. As I pulled out of the parking lot, it seemed unwise to be this close and not have a look at the fishing spot.

Parking my truck at one of the access points, I strolled down to the water's edge. The whisper rushing water was just barely audible. Down river, I heard a trout jump out of the water after supper.

I enjoyed myself without wetting a hook. That's the way life is. You don't always get what you expect, but if you don't hang a lot of attachment to outcomes, you'll often get something just as good.


  1. There is a nice stream in Md. that we have fished twice on our Fishing with Frog yearly trips. Each time they have released water from the dam without warning and we have had to flee on slippery rocks and each time barely made it, the water rose so fast. We will not try that river again.

  2. Anonymous12:22 AM

    I never realized fly fishing could be dangerous--if you weren't the fish!!

  3. Life's surprises even the small ones are what make us happy.

  4. Life is full of unexpected surprises! Glad your's turned out to be a good one !

  5. Why do I think sitting with some good buddies talking about fishing is about as good as actually fishing? (except for the "no fish" part!) Your good attitude is what really makes the day come out good!

  6. It is always better when we take the change the way you did Rick....less stress that way :)

  7. I agree with Yaya. Sitting around with fishing buddies listening about their tall stories about the one that got away because they had to run for their lives when the turbines were turned on without warning can be as good as actually fishing. Even fishing your own shoe was an interesting story. hehe...
    Better luck next time.

  8. That's a wise philosophy.

  9. Oh I love that last sentence-"If you don't hang a lot of attachment out of outcomes..." That is so true-a very wise thing to say and love your picture

  10. Still a great day. :)

  11. One of those, making lemonade when delivered lemons. Good for you. I love to watch a fly fisherman, never tried it myself, but it is one of the 'artful forms' of fishing.
    I am more of a boat or bank sitter. Glad you had a great visit. That is what fishing is all about, in or out of the water.


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