Saturday, October 10, 2015

Change in plans

My writing Mojo has shifted. For the last nine years, I've written after 8 P.M. and often past 9. That was when my hands weren't busy. My mind had time to digest the day's events and lay down a thread of words, that hopefully made sense and if I was lucky, resonated with readers.

But the last few weeks when I sit to write, all the comes out is drivel, flapdoodle, and sometimes tripe. So I decided to change my schedule and write earlier. If the change in schedule doesn't help, I might try some shock therapy, or perhaps hallucinogenic drugs. I hear they can be quite helpful when you're in a rut.

Jilda and I haven't slowed down today. This morning after coffee, we headed to the grocery store to pick up some things.

We had to stop by the local produce store for a jar of honey and a few other items.

We love this little produce store because the guy handpicks all the stuff he sells.

Each morning he heads out in his truck and selects fresh produce from the farmer's market in Birmingham. Usually by 9 A.M. he's back and a short time later fresh produce is on the shelves.

His dad started the business years ago and the son worked in the business since he was in grade school. Some local businesses suffer when Walmart comes to small towns, but his attention to detail and service keeps people coming back.

Jilda's calling from the kitchen because dinner ready. I hope your Saturday has been as enjoyable as ours.


  1. I'd rather pay a little extra money for good fruit and vegetables... they have a better flavor than all the mass produced food. I rarely buy food from Walmart myself... Good luck with being inspired to write earlier...

  2. You can't beat the customer service of these small shops. The big box stores can't offer that personal touch.

  3. Anonymous8:25 PM

    I wish we had those small shops where I live!!

  4. Oh, my DIL would love that produce stand ... pity, she's a few miles south.
    I'm all about supporting the 'small' businessman/woman anytime I can!

  5. I'd go for the hallucinogenic drugs if I were you, Rick.
    But then again, maybe not. I've found recently that writing after 8 pm is no longer the best choice.
    You're very lucky to have that produce store nearby and unbelievably lucky, in this day and age, to have some-one who recognises the importance of service to his customers.

    Ms Soup

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  7. Sounds like a perfect Saturday. Hope your Sunday is a wonderful one too.

  8. There is a produce place not far from here, but the strange looks I got when I dropped by made me think it was just a front for a drug operation, lol. They had a wood heater that was stoked and all the produce was languishing in the heat. I've written that place off.
    I think the hallucinogens are not a good idea, but that's probably my personal prejudice against drugs. Maybe the different time of day will work for you. Inspiration is a tricky thing: it comes best when you aren't working at it.

  9. I have said it before, you know how to pick a pretty subject to photograph. That one is lovely!
    Flapdoodle, I had never heard the word until I ran across a blog that had Flap doodle in the name. I followed it for years. The Flapdoodler is seldom on bloggsville now, but Debbie does comment on FB.

  10. Personally I enjoy the flapdoodle and drivel. The tripe not as much. Seriously I enjoy that you write about your experiences. Not every day will be exciting to you but they are interesting to me.

  11. I have been writing a lot of boring dribble lately just haven't been able to think of anything to write about and that is not me I usually have a heap of ideas floating around this head, but recently the ideas have been replaced with marbles that bang around and give me a headache

  12. Great way to spend the day! We have a few places like yours...I think small rural areas have that advantage. This was the last weekend for the local farmer's market. I bought the last of fresh tomatoes for the sad! You always find a way to put pen to paper...or fingers to keyboard....that never fails to inspire or entertain or uplift readers! Have a good week!

  13. Writing for a living must be tough sometimes when one gets writer's blocks but one thing for sure your humour is intact.
    Hope the writing muse visits you soon.

  14. I love the word "Flapdoodle" :) You may think your writing has been suffering but I don't-enter another :) I am so glad this business man is is so passionate about his work. Just from this picture, I can see how great the produce looks. Glad people still go to him. Personally I boycott WalMart because of their practices and how they treat their employees

  15. I'm with Birgit..."flapdoodle" is a keeper.

    Support the local farmer - yeah!

    Sometimes, reading publications I normally wouldn't read will break a blocked brain for me.

  16. I'm in Tallahassee now and I miss that little farmer's market more than anything else back home! I miss that down home welcoming, freshness, and the awesome deals they gave me when I was struggling to feed my little girl!

  17. I'm in Tallahassee now and I miss that little farmer's market more than anything else back home! I miss that down home welcoming, freshness, and the awesome deals they gave me when I was struggling to feed my little girl!


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