Friday, September 06, 2019

At that moment

I cut the day before the rain set in last week. The yard looked like a golf green. When the rain moved off to the east, the sun came back in full force. The combination of rain and sun turbocharged the grass. Today it was ankle-deep.

We had to run into Birmingham to get new contacts for Jilda and we stopped at COSTCO. We love that place.

After lunch, I tanked up the John Deere and mowed a patch of grass roughly the size of New Hampshire.

When I finished, I got a glass of cold water and stepped out front to the bench and took stock of my life and whatnot.

Over to my left, the water fountain and the small birdbath was buzzing with bees. They are polite critters. Some buzzed around while others perched on the water's edge and drank their fill.

At that moment, things seemed to be as they should be.


  1. Boy you sound like us with the exception of a patch grass the size of New Hampshire its our pasture that is now ankle deep, although the horses don't mind, the husband does. He will be firing up his Bob Cat and by tomorrow afternoon the pasture will look like a golf green. As for Costco, yeah, it's our favorite too.

  2. Costco holds me not in its thrall.
    At all.

  3. It is so good to hear how much you and Jilda love your home.

  4. I am with Alphie. COSTCO is a foretaste of hell.

  5. I let go of Costco. It's just not where my loyalty sits either. I'll support my Co-op and share the benefit with my community. Walmart and Costco are just taking over and it's not good for other businesses. I just need the basic stuff and I can do without the excess.

    The bee picture is great. Every creatures need water.
    Hugs, julia

  6. Who would guess that you love 'em bees? LOL Yep, although my lawn area is small, small enough that I cut the neighbors too, I still get a pleasure out of seeing it just after it is cut.
    Yeah, I like that close up shot!
    My girl just cannot ignore a bee or wasp if it is close by, she must swat. I have tried to explain they are not there to sting her. BUT most folk just cannot handle one toooo close. LOL
    Sherry & jack

  7. So nice to find those moments when all is right with the wolrld. Such a great feeling for sure. Yes owing grass never stops. It's nice to see the job done, but it really keeping on going.

  8. Those are the moments we need to recall when things become chaotic again. :-)


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