Sunday, September 15, 2019

Optimistic leaves

We had to walk early this morning. Even at 7:30 a.m. there was not a tinkle from our windchimes.

I didn't bother looking at the thermometer this afternoon. Normally, the hummingbirds are tanking up to head south for the winter, but either they left early or they called in drunk today to avoid the heat.

I did manage to snap a sweetgum picture. I think these leaves are being optimistic but just looking at them made me feel a little better.

This is a busy week for us so it will be bedtime soon.

Y'all bee sweet.


  1. Love those leaves. Rest up while you can.

  2. I've noticed that some tree leaves are starting to change here too.I love those colors in Autumn. I hope you slept wel and are all rested.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Yeah it has been hot in our area also. Our hummers are feisty as ever though. Fighting, they missed Sherry by only a few inches. But they are more cranky and noisy than EVER!
    The Gum sure makes a pretty leaf.

  4. The color does give us a lift. So bright and cheerful. Good shot for a hot day! Hope you get some relief from the heat soon. It's pretty nice here in Ohio. We have sommer like weather, but it's cool enough to enjoy it.

  5. You got an artistic shot here.

  6. Beautiful! I'm struggling to believe in the promise of Autumn.

  7. Beautiful looking leaves and colours. Enjoy this bliss


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