Thursday, September 05, 2019

Change of venue

I've been struggling with a column idea for weeks. I've written it no less than five times. Today, I pulled out one of the old drafts and started writing. The first part flowed, but then I lost the buzz. The writing fell flat. I saved it in my WORK IN PROGRESS folder and closed my laptop.

Today is Jilda's early day so she headed out after lunch. I loaded my laptop into the truck and headed to the office to pick up my mileage check. Rather than sit around the office, I decided to stop by the coffee house and grab a seat by the window.

Sitting there watching people go by on the sidewalk, I remembered that 9/11 is this week. Opening my laptop, I wrote the first draft of my column while my coffee cooled.

Sometimes it just takes a change of venue to get the juices flowing.

Leaves and gravel


  1. I love when the juices start flowing unexpectedly. Usually happens when I'm driving or in the shower.

  2. Change of venue and a cup of coffee!

  3. I am glad that your juices flowed - and sorry for the very sad trigger.

  4. I agree, just taking a short walk out the door helps too. Nice you found the place that worked for you !

  5. Yep, but it is much better not to be under pressure or a dead line for most of us wanna be writers. So the 'down' times are not as important or daunting.
    Glad it clicked in, and yes that is a good feeling.
    Sherry & jack
    NEAT: you can make leaves and gravel become a 'picture'. ;-)

  6. A change in venue does indeed help.

  7. Dear Rick, so often, it seems to me, creativity must marinate! I'm glad your change of venue brought you to the words that were waiting for you. Peace.


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