Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Need some rain

There is no rain in sight so I did the first step in my Bring On the Rain routine. I washed my truck. In years past, this is practically a sure-fire way to make it rain.

A few years ago a local weatherman said he would bet the farm that there would be no rain. That afternoon, I washed my truck. Pulling out of the carwash it started drizzling. A few miles down the road, it poured.  My windshield wipers clicked all the way home. The weatherman now lives in a house trailer at the edge of town. I hated to do that to the guy, but we needed rain.

If it doesn't rain within the next few days we'll move to phase two and start using our grandmother's joo-joo-moe-joe spells.  We don't do it first because once when we did it, we got locusts instead of rain.

The last thing we do is the midnight butt nakid' backyard rain dance. It's not pretty, but when the ground is dry and as hard a slate, I'd do just about anything to bring on the rain.


  1. Washing your truck? That's light stuff, if you really want rain, you need to leave your convertible outside with the top down.

  2. Ah! That’s hardball:)

  3. I'm headed to the car wash tomorrow!

  4. We have no problem getting rain. Wish I could send some your way. All the fields are under water again.

  5. For rain? JUST DO WHAT IS NECESSARY!!!!! DO IT!

  6. I am with jack69. Do it all. And send any excess this way.

  7. We've had sufficient rain here, the grass is still growing and green. This month has been unusually great as far as weather goes, cool nights, warm days and rain to cool us off. Hat to brig but they don't call it beautiful Ohio for nothing.

  8. Oh gosh if I stood out dancing to bring on the rain, the white coats would come for sure.


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