Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Barbed wire

I got a text from my nephew today. I guessed what he was asking but I couldn't help but have a little fun at his expense. It went like this:

Nephew: Do you have and barbed wire around the house?

Me: No but I have bad dogs. Should we install barbed wire around the house?

My nephew ignored the reply but I knew it made him smile.

Nephew: I just need an inch or two.

Me: Don't we all?

As it turns out, he needed a little barbed wire for a promotion that he was working on.

The thing about the barn is that there are many farm-related things down there that have not been used for 30 years but I keep them just in case.

Today was a perfect example of why I do.


  1. Dear Rick, it feels so good when we can joke/josh with friends and family and enjoy one another. And also when we have something that we can loan or give that's needed. Peace.

  2. We joked that my father had a little of EVERYTHING in his shed, ranging from barbed wire to a kitchen sink (or two). There was some truth in that joke.
    And, of course, just as soon as he/we throw anything away we need it. Glad you could help.

  3. It is great when we find a use for those things we save and hang on to just in case. Your nephew is one lucky fellow.

  4. Amazing what boys have in their play houses. Good for you!
    Sherry & jack in NC

  5. You always come through. That's what Uncles are for.

  6. Last time I needed barbed wire was...I think never.

  7. I'm dying to know what his project is.

  8. It's good to keep things in case you'll need it if you can find it. My husband keeps everything and when he needs that whicha-ma-call-it, he can never find it.
    Maybe we can see the barb wire project...
    Hugs, Julia

  9. That is funny and why not have a little fun:). My mom saved everything so everyone knew where to go when they needed something


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