Wednesday, September 04, 2019


This morning after coffee, I headed to the screen porch with my laptop. Normally, Wednesday is a slack day for me, but the holiday threw me behind and I had a stack of stories that wouldn't write themselves.

I knocked out one story before it got warm enough to flip on the ceiling fan on the porch.

Standing and stretching so hard my back popped, I decided it was time to walk the dogs. I know when it's time because the two big dogs sit on either side of me while I'm writing looking up into my face expectantly. CAN WE WALK NOW? NOW? WHAT ABOUT NOW? They are relentless.

Walking into the living room, Jilda was ready to walk too. She snapped the leach on Taz and we were out the door.

I walked ahead and let Jilda and the little mutt amble. Standing at the edge of the zinnias, I noticed a swallowtail butterfly as big as my hand. Gently leaning over with my camera, it flitted off as if to say, Nice try cameraboy.

I didn't give up. It fluttered down toward the beehives and then on toward the barn. It landed on a young tulip poplar tree. That's when I leaned in and capture a closeup.

Soon, these babies will be gone. This much I know for sure - I will miss them.


  1. Your perseverance paid off. You got a perfect picture.

  2. Well captured. And appreciated, both at home and abroad. Thank you.

  3. Love all the photos you share Rick.

  4. I know you are blowing smoke! The dude is dead! LOL they never pose for me. hahhahahaha! Good shot as always. Your eye is definitely the cameral
    Sherry & jack

  5. Nice close up. Some times I chase them along the ditch to get a picture. LOL. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  6. Glad you got some stories out. I love the Native teachings, it means joy in life.

  7. That butter fly is a beauty for sure. Glad the dogs got you out the door so you didn't miss it.

  8. Oh those dogs, they never miss a beat. Even our cat knows when its bed time. She'll start to holler, Come on guys, don't you know what time it is? She's even worse in the morning, a real keep of time that one. Your shot of the butterfly is really something, they are a pretty little thing.


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