Sunday, September 08, 2019

Scores of chores.

Today was chore day here. It seems that every off day we've had for the past month has been spent doing unfun things.

All are commitments - promises made. Important things. And then, of course, there was healthcare. I never realized that staying healthy took so much time and energy.

When we went to the eye place on Friday, I asked the folks there for my mail. "Yes, I'm spending so much time here now we've decided to start getting our mail here. They laughed.

Today, Jilda looked at me with narrowed eyes. "You don't have anything on your calendar today do you?"

I have a feeling that had I said yes, I would be eating Kibbles and Bits tonight.

As it turns out, we both did chores. Scores of chores. It's things that have been piling up. For me, it was things that took little mental effort. When I do this kind of work, my mind goes to another place. I zen out doing the work. 

One of the things I did was pull up all the ragweed on our property. In one area, I noticed goldenrod getting ready to bloom.

I shot the picture below a few years ago when I was interviewing an old veteran out in the country.


  1. Oh the good ol score of chores! Good for you guys for getting after it, the next up at our house is the garage. Seems the counters of tools becomes a catch all. When Im on a project I work to music. Neil Diamond gets me moving as does Queen and Shania Twain for starters haha

  2. A day of chores does not sound like fun to me.

  3. Scores of chores are on my agenda too. Tomorrow. Except that I have an early morning (very early) commitment. The day after? They will wait (and multiply while they wait).

  4. Without chores, how would I earn my allowance?

  5. Every day is chore day here at the Trash Palace, each day of the month the list extends and then at the beginning of the next month it starts ALL OVER AGAIN!
    Nightmare on Elm Street stuff.

  6. Ah ha, I know those questions that REQUIRE the correct answer, no matter what it is. You chose well. LOL
    Good 'un today again.
    Sherry & jack

  7. Chores are really great for the soul ~ even better if you have children still at home, for lessons on how to do them. :-) I kinda miss my little helpers.

  8. I loved what you said at the eye clinic. I am on line now to try to ease my husband had a bone marrow this past week it was maintenance chemo and yesterday and today he has had a bit of fever. It scares me. We will be seeing drs for another 8 months or the rest of our lives. I remember days we worked together getting all kinds of chores done...together.I long for those days. Enjoy your work and your ability to work's a good life. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. my big brother lives in Anniston.

  9. We all have daily chores that we put off and off at times

  10. Chores never seem to get done in a timely fashion. It's good to take a day aside to do them.
    Hugs, Julia


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