Friday, September 13, 2019

Nailed it

I walked out tonight to get a photo of the Friday the 13th full moon. The sky was overcast. It feels like it hasn't rained since Nixon was in the White House, but tonight, it's cloudy.

I know what you're thinking. With no picture of the full moon that he practically promised last night, he has to go with the goldenrods.

Nailed it.


  1. It was cloudy here too. Without rain. Or goldenrods.

  2. 'Em Golden rods ain't taking a nail! But they sure are pretty.
    We had a 'hint' of rain, what my mama called a 'spit of rain.'

  3. Yes it is that season...goldenrod seems to be every where you look these days. We had storms so didn't see the moon, but it's clear today so maybe tonight.

  4. No moon shot here either but lots of lightning, thunder and rain! Hi

  5. Such a sunny cheerful color. Nice photo!


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