Friday, September 20, 2019

Learning about bees

Jilda and I got up early this morning and headed a few hours south. The annual state beekeeping conference was in Clanton this weekend.

Planners packed the day with speakers whose topics ranged from backyard beekeeping to using bee stinging therapy.

Being new to beekeeping I'm sure there was a great deal of information that whizzed over my head like UFO's heading to Area 51.

Like learning most new things, you sometimes must let the information wash over. You'll pick up bits and pieces and then somewhere down the road it will click.

The session just before lunch ran a little short, which gave Jilda and me a chance to get close to the front of the chow line. Call me anything, except late for lunch.

When we finished, we headed outside to spend some time in the shade. 

The temp had dropped considerably today and there was a breeze out of the west. We blissed out for a while before heading to our afternoon sessions.

I was a fun and informative day.


  1. Looks like you chose a win win hobby for your 'later years' ;-). YOu are pretty darned lucky in the wife department also. Good read, y'all take care.
    Sherry & jack

  2. What? You don't already know everything about bees by now? Just kidding :-)
    Information days always give you the opportunity to pick up more knowledge.
    Who knows, one day it might be you presenting a workshop...

  3. Glad you had an excellent day - and continue to learn.

  4. Bees have a lot to teach us. They are amazing but I rather stay away from them.
    I got stung yesterday as I was weeding the cement deck at my son's house. It's wasn't a honey bee but a small very nasty bumble bee. It was ferocious. I was about 5 feet from it's nest, and it was determined to attack me. I prefer honey bees as the are not aggressive like bumble bees and yellow wasps.
    Enjoy your new hobby.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. It would be hard to be sitting inside when you finally got a nice day. That's a great picture of the two of you!

  6. Bees are so important for many things, as long as they do notsting me


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