Thursday, September 19, 2019


I had an assignment to take pictures at a VFW ceremony honoring soldiers who were prisoners of war or missing in action.

Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts were on hand to offer assistance by passing out programs and commemorative flags.

Thankfully, a bank of clouds shaded the courthouse square during the ceremony.  The crowd gathered was attentive even when the PA system hummed annoyingly. They always do that no matter how solemn the occasion.

When a woman sang the National Anthem, you could tell the veterans in the crowd. While most people covered their heart with their hands, even ancient veterans stood statue straight and saluted. 

As the speakers talked about POWs and MIAs, I surveyed the crowd, and many had tears in their eyes. 

I love that our town takes time to remember and honor the sacrifices that were made for them. 


  1. That's wonderful that there's a ceremony for the POW and special. There's a dinner here in Ashland that will honor Vietnam Vets in November and my brother is coming from Kentucky to attend. I'm sure it will be a good reception and I hope he'll enjoy it. All Veterans need to be honored!

  2. I love how they get the kids involved in such a great thing.

  3. That is bestowing HONOR where HONOR is DUE! Yes it is a good gesture to incorporate the youth in such a ceremony! No one knows wht their future will hold.
    Sherry & jack

  4. Always wonderful to see any of our military honored. They give so much to our country. They deserved our honor and praise.

  5. What a great capture! I'd love to see that go viral.

  6. It must have been an inspiring ceremony. I am fighting back my tears even now.

  7. Such sacrifice they made.


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