Thursday, September 12, 2019


I had to cover a city council meeting this evening. The business was short and it lasted less than 30 minutes.

On the way home, a turn in the road opened up the eastern horizon. The moon in the sky was beautiful. I held an imaginary camera up to my face and clicked the shutter with my tongue. Click click.

Tomorrow is the full moon and it's also Friday the 13.  I think I'll take the tripod out at dusk and wait until moonrise to see if I can get another moonshot.

I took the one below last year not long after I got my new camera. When I saw the results of those pictures, I smiled.


  1. I liked the imaginary camera shot best. LOL But that is a neat shot of the moon!
    Sherry & jack

  2. I find moonshots very, very difficult.
    Loud applause for yours.

  3. Hope you get a wonderful moonshot tomorrow to share.

  4. I appreciate the picture as I rarely get to see the full moon here. Most of the time, due to cloud cover and tonight won't be the exception. Rain is moving in.

  5. The best thing about today..Friday the 13th with a full I'm not on call for surgery! That is bad mojo my friend! However, I do love your moon shot. I keep trying to get a good one and it's suppose to rain tonight so I bet I won't get one tonight. Good luck getting your shot. The one here is really pretty cool!

  6. Awesome photo!

  7. Last night I went out with the dogs and we watched the moon hide behind the clouds and emerge, over and over. We're pretty easy to entertain.



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