Sunday, July 22, 2007


One of my young nieces is expecting a baby which is due in January. We had lunch with them today and afterwards we sat around at talked for a long while. I have to be careful giving out advice. There's an old saying that goes: "Advice - wise men don't need it and fools won't heed it." I know this can be very true. I had people that tried to give me advice when I was much younger but back then, I had all the answers. I felt sorry for the folks giving me advice. Obviously in looking back I fell on the fool side of the old saying because had I heeded some of the advice, I would have been much further along with my life plan but there is nothing you can do about yesterday. The best you can do is to learn from your errors and move on with your life. You can point out the pitfalls to those younger who don't have as much experience, but only time will tell if your advice takes root.

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