Friday, July 20, 2007

In Three Years

I took the day off today and worked on a short story that's been careening around my head for a few months now. I think the only way to free myself of it is to write it down. I've developed the discipline to write daily for this blog but so far I haven't psyched myself up for doing additional stuff.
Now that the weather has changed and we are getting more rain I have to cut the grass more frequently. I'm not sure why, but I get good ideas when I'm cutting grass. It doesn't matter whether I'm pushing or riding a mower - but as soon as the mower starts slinging grass, my starts spinning at the speed of thought.
I tried taking a small hand held recorder with me so that I could capture my ideas but when I listened back it was like *&(*&(UG*&T^%(^)*&^ at the river (*^*^%%#$^*(())___ without any chance of )((^$#%^%!!$%%. I realized quickly that the tape recorder only works properly when the lawn mower is not running. So it's a bit of a paradox. I can only record my ideas when the lawn mower is off but the ideas only come when the lawn mower is on. Oh well.
I'm trying to do some homegrown syndication of my weekly column that runs in the local paper. I figure if I could pick up a couple hundred newspapers willing to run my column each week, I could quit work and write full time. That's where I see myself in three years.

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