Thursday, July 12, 2007

Life is Good

I got home a little early today and I walked down to take a stroll through our small garden. I'm glad now I kept the plants alive because they are doing great now that the rain has come.
We eat tomatoes every day now. I took one to work today along with a couple pieces of bread. I sat with all my friends in the lunchroom and the conversation was all over the board as usual but when I removed that big old tomato from my lunch sack and began to slowly cut slices off that crimson orb all conversation stopped as they watched.
Where'd you get that someone asked - mouth watering. I kept my eye on the tomato and kept slicing and said "out of my garden." Even the ones who made fun of me earlier in the spring I could tell were thinking about planting a small garden next year. I live for those sandwiches.
Jilda also plants a row of flowers next to the garden. Her grandmother Mammie taught her to do that, but we have since seen lots of garden shows that advocate planting flowers near your garden to add color. Some flowers like marigolds also act as a natural insect repellent.
This evening as I looked off the deck I could see that a sunflower had bloomed so I took the camera with me. The sunflower back almost backlite by the setting sun and the color was stunning. Life is good.

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