Monday, July 16, 2007

Garden Stuff

The weather patterns have changed and we are getting some rain almost every day now. It was warm and humid after lunch today but the clouds moved in this evening and the sky took on a gray marble motif and I could see torrents of rain falling off on the horizon as I crossed over Red Mountain.
The garden loves this weather. We get rain and then the sun comes out and warms the soil to the roots. I also think the compost is finally beginning to work. We have been composting for years and the small spot where our garden grows is rich with organic matter. The proof is in the leaves and the fruit.
We haven't had many critters this year. We don't use pesticides so one of my chores is to police the area for unwanted pests and do my husbandly duty of squishing them flat on a garden rock. It's not a pretty sight but I think it's better for our health.
Gotta run now - Jilda's calling me for supper. She whipped up a tomato sandwich and cut up some squash and we're eating them raw with ranch dressing dip. Yum.

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