Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hard Pill to Swallow

My older sister has had a run of bad luck if you believe in such things. She was sued a while back by someone who went to church with her. This woman was visiting the home of my sister when an incident happened. The woman decided to file suit. I'm guessing this person thought - "she has insurance, it should be no big deal."
As it turns out, it's a bigger deal that the person anticipated because the insurance company canceled my sister's insurance yesterday and her new policy doesn't go into effect until tomorrow. The problem is that lightening struck her house today and fried her phones, television and air conditioner.
I went down there and got one of her phones working and I'll fix the others tomorrow evening, but the AC and TV could be much costlier.
I know there are situations where legal action is required, but it's not something I would enter into lightly. There is this thing called cause and effect. The things you do can have a significant impact on the lives of others. There is also an old saying that says "What Goes Around, Comes Around."
My sister has no ill will toward the person who sued her, but the actions taken hurt her feelings to the core.
We can help her get her stuff fixed, but a feeling of hurt and betrayal can be more difficult to overcome.

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