Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Eating Crow

I feel a little lost today. We had a series of thunderstorms rake through the area. The light show was amazing but lightening tends to play havoc with computers and modems. I’ve lost more than one modem. So last night I powered everything down before a bolt came crashing through my cable, out my keyboard and onto the fillings of my teeth. This morning when I powered everything back up to check my email, I had not connection. I powered everything off and back on but no luck. I knew better than to call the Charter Help desk because I’m guessing Bob is still smarting from the entry a few days ago where I had fun at his expense. So I went off to work with that unsatisfied feeling. My life was not totally without meaning but things seemed a little askew and I blinked my eyes a lot. My saving grace was that I could come home after work and check my email to get my life back in balance.Well I knew when I walked through the door that something was not right. I actually think I have ESPN because I sensed that my modem was still not hooking me up and one glance at the lights and my worst fears were confirmed. NO SERVICE. I wouldn’t call it a total collapse but Prozac would not have been totally out of the question in this situation.I called Bob with my hat in my hand. Hey Bob how’s it going? How about those Braves. Bob was all business. “So you have a problem with your modem,” says Bob caustically. I am soooo sorry – sarcasm dripping out of the earpiece of my phone.Yes Bob, I think my modem went south. “Perhaps I can contact one of my “right-shored” co-workers in Argentina to see if he’s seen it,” Bob said with what I presume to be a self satisfied smirk on his face. “Why don’t I send a technician over to check things out?” Bob said enjoying shift in power. “I could have one come out – let’s say the second week of August. Does that work for you Meester Smarty Pants Blogger Man?” I started to protest but I feared he might shove the appointment out until Thanksgiving. “Just have someone come out as soon as possible,” I pleaded.So tonight I’m writing my update in Word. I may have to send it to one of my wired friends via carrier pigeon but I’ll get it uploaded one way or the other.If I start to go on another rant about my funny talking friends on the other side of the planet, please remind me that Bob is watching from a distance.

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