Saturday, July 07, 2007

An Old Slow Rain

The weatherman said it would rain last night but we've been lied to before so we didn't get our hopes up. We turned the AC down and left the bedroom window cracked a little just in case. It started out with a faint ticking sound as the rain drops fell on our antique philodendron which spends its summer outside our bedroom window in the shade of the water oak.
Next, the chimes on the side porch reported that the wind had kicked up out of the west. By the time it was daylight, a steady gentle rain was falling and you could almost hear the plants, trees, and shrubs rejoice.
We put on our rain slickers and walked to the garden to pick some squash, tomatoes and pepper. When I stepped between a row, one of my bare feet sunk up to my ankle in the rain soften soil. I looked at Jilda and smiled.
We went out for lunch today but when we returned, we took a two hour nap. I probably would still have been sleeping if Ol' Buddy hadn't started snoring.
Even with the rain we've had in the last several hours our area will probably be still be considered to be in a drought condition, but this rain has been a gift and I for one am grateful.


  1. Friday night we had about 287 or 312 drops of rain in our yard; it dried up too fast for me to get an accurate count. Not much, but we hope it's a sign that the monsoon will be here soon.

  2. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Are you not glad that I did not give up on dancing for rain? Now I can be known as Lady Chatterly!!


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