Thursday, July 26, 2007

Di Vinci

I finished up a book today that I enjoyed. It's "How to Work Like Leonardo Di Vinci". Leonardo was a heck of a talented guy. Apparently he never heard the phrase "Curiosity Killed the Cat" because he was one curious dude. Perhaps that's where the phrase originated. The cat was curious about what Di Vinci was up to and suddenly old Leo snatched up the kitty and dissected him with a paring knife. He actually did learn anatomy by cutting up cadavers. Now that's curious.
He was into everything - art, science, optics, invention, avionics, anatomy, and medicine. He is credited with so many things it blows the mind. He not only drew sketches of helicopters, tanks, double hull ships and a parachute. Someone actually built a parachute based on his design using things that were available then and it worked. He also painted the Last Supper and the Mona Lisa which is considered by some to be the most famous work of art on earth
Obviously most of the things he envisioned would not be built for hundreds of years but his journals contained pictures and technical descriptions that were remarkable.
The book I just finished said that if you wanted to improve your memory, creativity and productivity that you should embrace the attributes that Leonardo used - some of which include:
Sensation (the ability to use all the senses to learn and to experience)
The ability to embrace ambiguity
Balance - use both logic and creativity (left and right brain)

The book was inspirational and as always, there are things I can take with me and use in my life.

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