Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I'd Have To Pay A Luxury Tax

I'm not sure if it can be proven scientifically, but it is my belief that food tastes better when you eat it on a porch. I'm guessing the government could fund a study - especially if it was Enron, Exxon, or Haliburton doing the studying, but I'm guessing they'd find, after charging the government millions of dollars, that the results were inconclusive because they needed more oil....but I digress.
I picked a fresh vine ripened tomato this evening and took it inside. I lightly toasted a couple slices of wheat bread, spread a thin layer of mayo, sliced and salted the tomato still warm from the evening sun. I made a fresh batch of sweet tea, took my sandwich and went out on the porch. I had the ceiling fan on medium high and the fountain gurgling like a mountain brook. As I savored the sandwich, the wind played a gentle melody on my chimes.
If life gets any better than this, I'd have to pay a luxury tax.
I think I'll make me another one.


  1. I'd sure like to join you on the porch for one of those tomato sandwiches. Maybe next year.


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