Thursday, July 05, 2007

I'd Rather Have it and Not Need It

I think I need a Llama or perhaps one of those pack mules that all the prospectors had during the California Gold Rush. I must have been a nomad in a previous life because I carry everything with me.....I mean everything. My backpack weighs sixty pounds and if you looked inside you would find a flashlight, a small tool kit, first supplies, a sewing kit, and over the counter medications that can treat any condition from a headache to flatulence. I've got my passport, insurance papers, fingernail clippers, and my daily planner. My Palm device has the phone numbers, addresses, email address, and birthdays of everyone I know. I have an mp3 player with no less that ten full length audio books and a hundred of my favorite songs. I've also got a digital recorder that I use when I do interviews or when I hear an interesting sound such as birds, rain, thunder, or the sound of tearing muscle from carrying all the weight. When I do come upon an interesting bird, I have a digital camera with a lens the size of a jumbo can of Campbell's Soup. Only the Hubble Space Telescope can get a better picture of Mars.
I've got pens, pencils, paper clips, sun glasses, a razor, toothbrush and several hundred other items that escape my memory.
I don't carry a handgun, but if you are a mugger you should be forewarned that I do have a sling shot, a small hatchet and a can of pepper spray so don't even think about picking on me.
I had my backpack on the couch the other day and my brother-in-law reached down to move it to the floor and it almost pulled his arm out of his shoulder socket.
The folks at work make fun of me, but whenever they need an antacid, tweezers or a chain saw, they come to me.
Why do I put myself through the toil of carrying luggage with me even when I'm running to the grocery store? Well I have a saying that I live by and that is: I'd rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

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