Saturday, July 28, 2007

Another Saturday Night

I've been dreading this move for months but I got up this morning and knew that today was the day that I moved my new computer and installed it in my computer desk.
I should have put on a mask but I did not and I fear I will pay the price tomorrow because there was enough dust in and around my old computer and in the computer desk to grow corn.
I could hear the motor in the old Kirby vacuum drop about an octave when I started sucking up the dust.....kind of like a wood chipper when you throw in a telephone pole instead of the usual limbs.
It took the better part of the afternoon but it's in and it looks great! I'll start removing the files from the old PC and begin the slow process of decommission.
I've gotten a ton of really positive feedback from my weekly columns in the local paper. A woman stopped me today in Treasure Mart and said "I love your columns in the paper, but your picture makes you look old!" I hadn't really thought about the picture they use for the column, but I'll probably get Jilda to shoot a new one. Not sure that anything short of an all out airbrushing/touch-up by a PhotoShop whiz can make me look much younger but I'll probably give it a try.
I'm firing up the grill this evening and we plan to grill a couple steaks and enjoy a nice bottle of red wine. Hope you have a great Saturday night too.


  1. Anonymous7:44 PM

    What day of the week is your column published?

  2. Every day --- since December of 2005.


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