Friday, July 13, 2007

Old Journals

I've been reading through my old journals and I came across a profound thought that I had jotted down on June 17th 1994 - "Time is a slow assassin". Kind of depressing now that I think about it, but profound none the less.
As I read over the older journals it's interesting that some of the themes recur. Farming, songwriter, and world traveler. I've wanted to be a writer for years and I did write almost every day in my journals but the words were kept private not because I wanted to keep them to myself, but because they had no wings.
That's the beauty of Blogs. Anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can get their own space and write about thing of interest to them. I read quite a few Blogs. Many are like mine but there are others that embrace other topics I find interesting. I read music Blogs, songwriter Blogs, and Treehugger Blogs. I also enjoy travel and photography. I ran across a photographer's Blog recently and it blew me away. The URL is
I think his specialty is wedding photography but the photographs on this site are extraordinary in my opinion.
The point is that there is no excuse for NOT writing, if that is something near and dear to your heart.
I plan to read back over all my old journals and capture any ideas for Blog entries. Maybe I can share some words of wisdom in the weeks to come.

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