Saturday, August 18, 2007

Another Chicken Story

My neighbor moved off and left some of his chickens running free. They took up at our house probably because we feed birds. As it turns out, chickens like bird seed too. They also enjoyed digging up all the flowers we had planted in pots out in the yard.
I wrote fondly of the tiny biddies back several months ago. The thing about biddies is that they grow into chickens. The hens are not bad but the roosters go through a stage where they look mangy and not unlike a buzzard. But the older the roosters got, the combs and the colorful tail feathers grew out and they looked quite chickens go.
A while back they started crowing in the early morning hours. At first they reminded me of a teenage boy at puberty but after a few weeks, their cock-a-doodle-dooing became loud and clear.
A few nights ago, one of my neighbor's friends showed up with a flashlight and a roosting pole and collected all the roosters. I asked if he would leave a couple of the hens to keep the bug population in check and he agreed. I noticed this morning when I went to fetch the mail that one of the hens is setting so in a few weeks, we'll have another batch of biddies.
My Internet connection is off again and charter does not plan to send anyone until Monday. It is really frustrating. I really wish there was an alternative but living so far out in the country makes for thin pickin's when it comes to fast access Internet providers.
I'm not sure if I'll be able to do an entry tomorrow but I'll catch up when I get the connection back.
Have a great weekend.

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