Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I Once Was Cute

I have a silver dollar that I carry around in my pocket for luck. My mother entered me in a baby beauty contest when I was still in diapers. The competition was held in Old Dora. I think she said it was the old theatre but I don't remember for sure and neither does she, but I won three silver dollars. Not sure if that was first place or third but I brought home the silver.
I was kind of a fat baby so I'm not sure what criteria the judges used. I'm praying that there was not an evening gown involved because that means it is possible there is a picture of me wearing sequins floating around out there somewhere. Surely there was no swimsuit competition, but she said I could jabber up a storm when I was very young so there is a distinct possibility that I could have won some type of debate....especially if my competition was droolers or whiners. What ever the deal was, I won.
When I look in the mirror these days, it looks like my head has worn out two bodies so it's good to know that I was cute at one time in my life and I've got the silver to prove it.

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