Sunday, August 26, 2007


I remember the first time I ever heard the Celtic artist Enya. I had flown to Boston on business and we decided to have a fun weekend so Jilda flew up on Thursday. I was off on Friday so we headed out early to walk the Freedom Trail which is a 2.5 mile red-brick walking trail that leads you to historic sites about which you have read all your life. The march of progress threatened to destroy parts of historic Boston but it was preserved by the citizens of Boston in 1958.
Today it is a fascinating collection of museums, churches, meeting houses, burying grounds, parks, a ship, and historic markers that tell the story of the American Revolution. We both were in awe because actually seeing the ground on which history was made somehow brings that history to life.
On Saturday we drove up to Salem and toured the area made famous by the Witch Trials. We saw "The House of Seven Gables" which is a large rust brown wooden house made famous by author Nathaniel Hawthorne. Not far from the House of Seven Gables was a small shop owned by Laurie Cabot, the Official Witch. When we walked into her shop, we heard incredible music playing softly. Jilda bought a book and some incense. The clerk at the store was stunningly beautiful with jet black hair and ebony eyes. She sprinkled a pinch of glitter in the bag. Before we turned to walk out I asked her about the artist on the CD. As it turns out it was Enya and since then we have bought all her music. It's great on Sunday mornings while you drink your coffee.

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