Saturday, August 04, 2007

Saturday Evening Coming Down

I picked another basket full tomatoes this morning. I picked a big fat one that was hanging low on the vine. I wiped it off on my shirt, sat there in the grass at the edge of the garden and ate it. The sun was already warm and the juice of the fruit dribbled down my beard.
I looked at the sunflower which has three blooms about the size of a softball. They look as if they are bowing their heads to the morning sun. The flowers this year are more of a gold than yellow. I'm not sure if that's a function of the pH of the soil or the type of seeds we happened to get.
I went down this morning and fetched my old bicycle out of the barn. I haven't ridden it in several years and I feared that it was too far gone, but when I pushed it up to the workshop behind the house, all I had to do was air up the tires, spray on a little WD-40, wipe down the seats and it was ready to go. I rode it around the back yard was a piece of cake.
Tonight we play at Java and Jams downtown Birmingham. We have some friends coming over. We'll probably get cranked up on high test coffee and play all the old songs.
Hope you have a great Saturday night and Sunday.

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