Friday, August 17, 2007

Typing Fast

A thunderstorm blew up early this morning and took up residence over our house. The rain on the roof sounded like the roar of a crowd and then the lightening came. Often when you see lightning and hear thunder it's from a distance but this storm was right overhead. When the lightning would strike you could almost hear it crackle and the thunder boomed which made the dogs go insane. They are usually outside dogs but they do come in when the weather is bad and this morning they all wanted to get on the bed with us. No amount of scolding, cajoiling or soothing could calm them down. Ol' Buddy was so excited that his little heart was about to jump out of his chest.
The storm lasted for almost two hours. It seemed to drift off to the east and then BAM!!!!! It would strike too close for comfort.
I didn't have the heart to walk down to the barn this evening to check on our trees. We have three oak trees that must be a hundred years old and I just hope they survived the onslaught.
The power was off when I left out for work this morning and I obviously did not get a chance to check my email. The power came back on this morning just after I left.
This evening as we were contemplating what to have for supper, the power went off again and it just came back on. I'm typing like a banshee to try and get this entry posted before another storm brews.

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