Sunday, August 05, 2007

Early Snow

I like hot weather but Jilda, on the other hand, hates it. She has a photograph that she puts out on her bathroom vanity in August. It's of her and our niece Samantha taken one year when we got a freak snow before Christmas. The snow silently came in the early morning hours and was gone by early afternoon. Just looking at that photographs makes it seem a little cooler.
We've had a few of those rogue snow events but they have been rare indeed. I can remember once before Samantha was born, when her brothers were young, we got a really good snow. A good snow here is four or five inches but this one closed down the school, the roads and most other functions. The kids came over and James nailed me on the side of the head with a snowball. I promptly rolled them both in the snow just to prove that I could. Obviously that meant war so they ganged up on me and almost managed to get me down. Jilda slipped up and laid down behind me where by Haven, the youngest, pushed me backwards and I hit the snow flat of my back. They were on top of me in an instant and I had snow poked in every exposed orifice. I had snow down my collar, my pants - I even had snow in my socks. We played outside until we were all red from playing and the cold.
Afterwards Jilda went inside and made up a batch of her world famous hot chocolate. We keep those tiny marsh mellows for just such occasions. This is a fun memory.
As I said, I like hot weather but when the Dog Days of summer arrive and I can hear myself sweating, I start looking forward to those first cool autumn days.

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